How to expand your business with an Employer of Record

Cuatro Torres Business Area, in Madrid. Capital of Spain, where you can expand your business with the help of an Employer of Record like New Tandem.

In an increasingly globalized world, talent attraction goes beyond many companies’ countries. The possibilities of expansion have grown within the last few years; recruiting is different, and so the capacity of companies to seize business opportunities abroad. Because of that, more and more organizations decide to count on a Human Resources partner. That partner becomes … Read more

Get to know the keys of SDG 13: Climate Action

Lake and valley, natural resources that will suffer the most from climate change. Also, name of the article and logos of SDGs and SDG 13.

If there is a priority for humanity in the middle and long term, it’s minimizing the effects of climate change. Not many other realities affect in such a transversal way every part of the planet. Besides, in this case the transition is not going to be fast neither easy. A global compromise is necessary. While … Read more

Nadal and the values we can learn for our professional and personal life


He has done it again. For the umpteenth time, Rafa Nadal has surprised us. It seemed difficult, after everything he has achieved in the last 17 years. Nonetheless, his ambition and effort have led him to become the first man to reach 21 Grand Slam titles in the world of tennis. Whether we like sports … Read more

7 websites to learn programming from scratch and for free


The opportunities of obtaining information in the digital era are almost infinite. We can have access to the fact we need to know in a matter of seconds, something inconceivable some decades ago. In the last few years, the offer of online formation has grown exponentially. The free courses we can enjoy online are numerous … Read more

New Tandem impulses its Employee Support Department


We start the year 2022 with the objective of renewing ourselves once again and taking care of every detail towards the idea of connecting talent. Thus, at New Tandem we want to tell you about our Employee Support Department. Even though we have always taken care of the relationship with our employees as the base … Read more