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If you are looking for job you are in the place to find it. Every few days, we update our job offers, according to the positions that our clients need to fill. Looking for an opportunity? Find a job in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities in Spain with us. with us.

Why New Tandem? Because we are a team committed to quality employment . Our mission is to accompany you in the process of looking for a job in Spain. That’s why we focus on being your greatest ally and making it easy for you to find and take advantage of the opportunities that interest you. Thanks to our expertise y talent we work with numerous consolidated companies in Spain and abroad. Companies where you will have growth opportunities growth and professional development.

We have been more than 20 years working with companies in sectors such as IT, Finance, Insurance, Marketing or Engineering . As a result of this experience, our hallmark is our efficiency in locating talent and placing it where it can shine. Therefore, our candidates and clients are so satisfied with us. Now, it’s your turn. Welcome to the New Tandem’s job portal.



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In the case that the current published offers do not fit your search, do not hesitate to leave us your CV

Job offers tailored to your needs

As we know that the needs and objectives of each employee are diverse, we have a clear objective with all our candidates.

We want to help you find the project that best suits your needs. Therefore, among our job offers in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, you will find opportunities of specific duration and others of an indefinite nature. Of course, you can apply for as many vacancies as you wish. If you don’t find one that fits your profile, then you can also leave us your CV.