The Ukrainian president leadership against Putin’s attack

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, gives a speech in the Presidential Palace of Kyiv.

A few weeks ago, many people didn’t know who the Ukrainian president is. Nonetheless, since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, that sadly started on February 24th, the war can be simplified in two names.

The first one, Vladimir Putin. The perpetrator of the war. The other one, precisely, belongs to Kyiv’s resistance main character: Volodymyr Zelensky. An unexpected leader who has achieved, three weeks after the first attacks, to defend Kyiv from the Russian invasion.

What leadership qualities does Zelensky have?

Most experts didn’t anticipate Ukraine’s power to resist, despite the destruction and the millions of people affected, the force of a bigger and more powerful country. In this kind of difficult moments, leadership manifests with more determination. Zelensky is being able to gather many qualities that make him a proper leader. Which is being crucial during the resistance.

The Ukrainian president is showing courage. He could leave the country and seek refuge somewhere else; nevertheless, he decided to stay and manage the defense of democracy and freedom in his country. “I need ammunition, not a ride”, he said.

He is also being honest. Especially regarding what him and his country are able -and not- to achieve. Zelensky is relatable. Because he is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it, and to recognize his strengths, but also his weaknesses.

The Ukrainian president speaking on the phone in his office in Kyiv.
Volodymyr Zelensky speaks on the phone in his office, inside the presidential palace of Kyiv.

Zelensky also possesses important communication skills. By his transmission of bravery, dignity and optimism, he’s helping his compatriots win the psychological battle against the invasors. He has also managed to spread his eagerness to stay strong defending the ideals he believes in. There is only one legitimate position in this story: standing with peace and democracy. Not giving in. Which, despite the accusations of weakness and inexperience that were thrown at him, the Ukrainian president has been able to communicate every single day since the war started. He has shown a fortitude that transmits the idea that Ukraine can’t and won’t be easily destroyed and conquered. “When you attack us, you will see our faces. Not our backs, but our faces”.

Values and qualities that any person with the ability to manage a team should have. Little big details that a leader must have in order to run a team, a business, or in this case, a country, in a proper way.

Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?

The Ukrainian president reached his charge in 2019. His career, though, has been quite separated from politics until that moment. He has a Law degree, but was mostly known in Ukraine as a comedian and actor. As a fun fact, he was the main character, from 2015 to 2019, of a TV show in his country called “Servant of the people”. A fiction where he interpreted a History teacher that wins the general election after becoming viral due to a speech against corruption.

That was his big claim when he actually won the election in 2019. Surprisingly or not, the name of the ruling party in Ukraine is also Servant of the People. That’s how fiction became reality and Zelensky became the Ukrainian president. He probably didn’t think, back then, he would have to face an invasion during his mandate.

What has Zelensky done since the war started?

Zelensky is being praised all over the world because of his complete dedication and his fight for his country and compatriots. He speaks daily to Ukrainian people. Also to Russian people, trying to convince them to face Putin’s criminal ideas. He still speaks to the EU and NATO countries looking for help and collaboration. And he stays, to this day, in Kyiv, showing he doesn’t mind being in danger; he remains where most people wouldn’t remain in his situation.

Despite having a lot against him, Volodymyr Zelensky keeps believing. And showing the world that, as David with Goliath, he might also overcome Putin.

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