Climate surveys

Climate surveys: a key tool for improving the work environment.

¿How can we improve work ambience and general employee satisfaction?

One of the most effective tools to achieve the aforementioned environment are the surveys surrounding organizational climate. These surveys measure employee´s perspectives around different company policies, like leadership, corporate culture, internal communication and work environment.

Organizational climate is a diverse concept with varying definitions, generally referring to the ambience inside a company. When the climate is positive, employees feel motivated, fulfilled and engaged with their work, which translates into higher levels of productivity and a higher quality of work itself.

On the other hand, a negative organizational climate can produce negative effects over employee´s and organization in general. Workers can fell unmotivated and the engagement levels will fall as will their satisfaction. This could translate into higher rates of personnel change, low productivity and a lower quality of work itself.

Consequently, it is instrumental that companies complete these organizational climate surveys in order to measure employee perspective and detect possible improvement opportunities. A well designed survey and correctly administered can provide valuable information in order to develop action plans and improve the organizational environment.

Organizational climate surveys customized for your company.

We are glad to announce that NewTandem offers personalized organizational climate surveys for companies of any size or sector. Our expert team will help you design and administer the survey; providing a detailed report containing the results and recommendations that will improve the organizational environment. Furthermore, our services include guidance and backing for the implementation of positive actions.

If you’re interested in improving your company´s organizational climate, please feel free to contact us! At NewTandem, we will be delighted in helping you achieve this goal! We strive to form teams.