EOR Services: Outsourcing

Discover what an Employer of Record in Spain can do for your company. Employer of Record Services are the HR solution for foreign clients not established in Spain. We manage the global contracting process so they can introduce and expand their business in this country.

  • Do you want to extend your business in Spain and enable yourself to just focus on strategy and key tasks?
  • Are you trying to expand your business in Spain and looking for an expert team that will lower your costs and help you save time?
  • Do you seek to attract the best talent available in Spain for your business?

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Our Employer of Record (EOR) Services are perfect to help you expand your business in Spain. Focus on your goals, and meanwhile, let us become legally responsible for the administrative processes that involve the hiring of your employees. Do you need a Human Resources partner in our country? Then, keep reading to see what an Employer of Record in Spain can help you with.

What can an Employer of Record do for your company?

You might be wondering: what is an Employer of Record? Well, an Employer of Record acts as a third entity between your employees and your company. Think, for instance, of having to establish a local structure, and the big costs this could bring you; or dealing with a different country’s employment law (which can change in a short period of time).
That is where EOR companies can help you. Counting on a partner you can trust is the solution. Get an Employer of Record and save time and money.

Why do I need an Employer of Record in Spain?

So you want to get into the Spanish market. But you don’t have the chance of setting your company up here; or, maybe, your HR department can’t spend hundreds of hours learning the Spanish legislation. .
A local legal employer makes sure that your employees receive their payments in time. Moreover, that they are part of a company registered in Spain. And also that they pay their taxes properly and in time.
In other words, we make your Human Resources activities easier. In the meantime, your business grows.

What New Tandem does as your EOR

As your Employer of Record in Spain, we deal with payment, taxes, insurance… and every other aspect related to your company’s workers, as well. EOR Services let you manage your time in an efficient way. Forget about the changing regulations of our country. Forget about the changing regulations of our country.

New Tandem has the infrastructure in Spain to provide agile and efficient in-country administration services. We offer full compliance, advice and risk-free services.

We protect your workers against any legal issues related with work that they might face. That way, you can focus on the supervision of their work and they can focus on developing their tasks. We want to build a relationship with our partners based on trust. For this reason, we compromise to provide the information they need, when they need it. Becoming transparent and accesible, not overwhelming. That is our goal.
New Tandem is the local EOR partner of several foreign companies, whether they are multinationals or Small and Medium Enterprises. These are businesses which don’t have offices or a structure in our country. Nevertheless, they are constantly looking for talent and want to simplify the hiring processes in Spain. With the help of an Employer of Record, like us, they reduce costs and time.

Let us be your EOR partner

Get in contact with us and discover why we can provide the perfect Employer of Record services for your company. We are of the Spanish HR and administrative sector since the year 2000.. New Tandem is, in addition, a pioneer company in EOR in Spain. Consequently, our experience and constant search for innovation are our guarantees..

We work with companies from different continents. Business of diverse sectors, such as IT, Finance or Engineering.

Obviously, the New Tandem Group is internationally certified and audited by SGS in Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2015 Standard. This is considered the main world reference in control, verification, analysis and certification of quality and integrity