The hybrid model in the recruiting sector, a reportage of Equipos y Talento


The magazine Equipos y Talento has carried out a reportage about the present and future of the recruiting sector. They have consulted the opinions of different companies specialized in personnel selection. Also, those of HR departments from companies related with other sectors. The general idea from all these experts is that we are going towards a hybrid scenario.

Technological acceleration due to the pandemic has prepared many companies for remote working. Not just for this moment, but also looking to the moment the situation goes back to normal. Moreover, there is a rise in technological profiles. Also in the importance of soft skills.

We have participated in this reportage, with the intervention of Enrique Parellada, from the Communication Department. From this point on, you can read our section in the article published by Equipos y Talento.

Our section in the reportage

New Tandem hasn’t ceased its activity at any point of the pandemic. Taking care of their employees’ health, remaining active in social networks, or making training advice and mindfulness articles available in their blog. “Our objective has been to keep our services working in a moment when our clients needed us more than ever. Even during the first months of the pandemic, we didn’t stop listening and solving commercial petitions and consultations”, says Enrique Parellada. But they have also been conscious that it was difficult to change certain dynamics overnight. “Many HR departments carry out processes where they analyze candidates, and the on-site part is huge. From group dynamics to the observation of non-verbal communication… Before Covid, even a handshake was taken into account”.

New Tandem was already prepared to proceed in a telematic way and that is how they keep doing it now, combining it with face-to-face work. “The possibility of video calling has helped us to maintain the capacity of analysis which, even though can’t be as exhaustive, has allowed us to keep doing our job”, says Parellada, who also ensures that “the quickness with which we had to overcome renouncing to personal contact affected many companies of our sector. The positive side of this is that the telematic way of operating has become a reality for the recruiting sector”.

At New Tandem the opinion is that all this experience has served for many companies which didn’t think of remote work as a possibility and can now combine it, according with their needs, with the on-site way. “We don’t think personal contact will completely disappear. The hybrid model is going to be the new normal way of doing things, and the challenge for companies is to reorganize themselves towards that duality“.  

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