The keys for a comfortable return to the office


After an unprecedented rise in remote working, right after the beginning of the pandemic, the tendencies are starting to get closer to pre-Covid levels. Three out of four inhabitants in Spain have their vaccination pattern complete; besides that, step by step, our habits and lifestyle are slowly coming back after almost two years.

Everything contributes for the las data to indicate that only  7.89% of employees work more than a half of the time remotely. Which still means three times more than back in 2019 -only a 2.48% worked outside of the office; but also half of the percentage reached in 2020, when more than 15 out of every 100 workers performed remotely.

Face-to-face work allows for a better cohesion in teams

The comforts of working at home are undeniable. Nevertheless, going to the workplace also offers advantages, both to employers and employees. Among them, teamwork becomes easier and more effective; also, creativity and social interactions can benefit from it; moreover, the isolation sensation suffered by many workers during this time gets reduced or eliminated.

Before the pandemic, everyone conceived the possibility of conciliating work and family life as a positive reality. And, even though for the most part it is like that, these past months have shown a different face of it. The impossibility of some people to differentiate both sides of their lives, as well of disconnecting themselves from work, has made of remote working a not so lovely thing.

How to prepare an easy, safe return to the office for your employees

Those employers that are in the middle of a gradual or direct return to the office of their employees, must have in mind some key factors to facilitate the process.

First of all, guaranteeing a series of precautions and protocols to preserve everybody’s safety. Pandemic has not finished yet; when it does, it will be convenient to keep some of the hygiene rules we have been ‘forced’ to follow.

It’s also advisable for employers to be consequent with the personal needs of each employee. The time required to adapt themselves to an environment that, especially for those that worked remotely the whole time, is not the usual, can vary from person to person. Having that in mind will benefit all parts.

Keep offering a certain flexibility is also helpful for employees to feel confident. Maybe maintaining a hybrid model, the one most workers prefer.

If you are an employee, take your time

The return to the office is an opportunity to reunite with colleagues and to feel as a part of the team with more ease. Nonetheless, it won’t be easy at first for some. Thus, practices like mindfulness can help us to overcome the  anxiousness or fear related with coming back to our workplace.

Remembering we can demand for measures to be fulfilled so our safety and health are guaranteed can also give us some calm. This will especially apply if Covid still scares us. Which is completely fine and normal, by the way.

Following this set of advices is every individual’s duty, so the reintegration is the office is positive and comforting for everyone.

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