The digital opportunity of the data centre sector in Spain


A couple of weeks ago, the presentation of Spain DC took place in Madrid. An association between nine companies with expertise in data centres in our country. Data centres are places where data is stored and distributed massively. Generally, companies and organizations use these places to process the large quantities of information they work with.

The opportunity for Spain to become a data centre reference

Spain DC has been created as an answer to the quick growth of data centres in Spain. Despite only being the eight European country when it comes to total number of these spaces -122 currently-, we are also the nation of our continent where the sector is experimenting a bigger development. Still, there is a long way to go to reach the more than 400 DCs located in the UK or Germany, or even the more than 300 built in France or The Netherlands.

Nevertheless, the recent implementation of submarine wiring has made of Spain a strategic place; also, due to our geographic situation, which could even allow our country to host the digital infrastructure of organizations in Africa or Latin America.

New IT jobs and reorientation of other job functions

The estimations say that, for these reasons, Spain will attract, in the next few years, around 3 to 5 billion euros in physical infrastructures to host new DCs. An addition of another 10 million could also be invested to deploy the computing equipment needed.

But, besides the injection in the economy, these spaces will also help create jobs, especially high qualified ones. Engineers and other IT related profiles will be some of the most demanded. Precisely, IT is an industry which New Tandem specializes in; we’ve carried out Recruitment process for IT profiles for many years.

Digital education is also a key factor to make our country’s adaptation to data centre’s boom easier. For this matter, the creation of a Data Centre School will give the professionals that the sector is demanding an opportunity to learn new skills. It is necessary to reskill those workers from industries like electricity or refrigeration; that way, they can develop themselves in the data centre sector.

Growing in a sustainable way

The rise of data centres in Spain will become a big challenge for sustainability. The big consumption of energy required by them makes necessary to prepare for growing, while caring for the environment at the same time.

Spain DC assures they are conscious about the importance of producing the less possible CO2 emissions. They want to help to reach the objective of reaching the neutrality of emissions in the next years. As well as to avoid there are abandoned data centres in some time. Definitely, they want to seize the opportunity for economic growth while producing in a responsible way.

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