Adaptation of the professional sectors in the face of the COVID19 crisis: Which professions can be strengthened?

Technology, healthcare, education, or online marketing are sectors that can be strengthened after the pandemic.

Digitization and certain professions have been indispensable for the proper functioning of our society.

Therefore, from New Tandem, as a company specialized in selection and human resources. We wanted to investigate and pool which professions can be strengthened after the coronavirus crisis.


Telework has turned out to be a very good opportunity to continue the work activity and we must assume, to one extent or another, it has come to stay. Within the IT sector, profiles such as computer engineers, robotics specialists, cybersecurity, blockchain or programming could begin to have special relevance.


In terms of healthcare, the implementation of “digital health” known as eHealth, virtual patient care, can be useful. Other sectors such as virtual reality, researchers in drugs and vaccines, artificial intelligence and biotechnology, prove to be an indispensable sector in the face of health crises such as the one lived.


Education has been particularly harmed at all levels. From primary school to the University, both teachers and students have had to adapt to a new mode of teaching so as not to miss the course. Therefore, according to experts, it will be necessary to adapt adapted to the individual progress of each student, as well as the deepening in formats for online teaching.


Within the trade, specialists in digital design and marketing, have seen increased activity in recent weeks. The Internet being the only way to survive from many businesses. Therefore, we can consider it as a sector that will be enhanced and from which more professionals will be needed.

Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

But after all this, and more than ever, being strengthened the online world, we cannot forget about people. Behind each of the screens there are still flesh-and-blood people, for which this situation can be a high generator of stress. That’s why experts in psychological and emotional intelligence can be a fundamental pillar in many companies.

And finally, it is worth noting the importance of soft skills.  For every company, adaptability, teamwork, and creativity are increasingly necessary skills.

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