Gescobro and NewTandem, a successful collaboration to attract talent


When we want to say that NewTandem and Gescobro is a successful collaboration, it is undoubtedly due to the years of friendship, respect and work that we have between the organizations, always giving the best of each one. Thus improving the personalized selection for our client thanks to knowing their needs constantly.

As a company in constant growth, it continuously seeks new profiles to incorporate into the organization, for which NewTandem is a reference partner.

NewTandem has been in the Human Resources sector for more than 20 years and a large number of companies endorse us. This time we have conducted an interview for the magazine Equipos y Talento where we talk about the relationship established with the company Gescobro and how we mutually support each other in our day to day

Here is a link so you can see more about the success story: -and-inma-jimenez-manager-of-selection-of-gescobro/2022-10-13/

NewTandem and Gescobro successful collaboration.

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NewTandem, thanks to its commitment and quality in the selection, has spent many years in the Human Resources sector helping companies, if you want to know a little more about the success stories, I leave you this link where you can get to know us a little more:

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