New Tandem participant of the 2nd Comunidad de Madrid’s Employment Virtual Fair


We keep on getting experience in employment virtual fairs. Our last participation took place between the 26th and the 28th of October, when we got along with nearly 80 companies to celebrate the second edition of Comunidad de Madrid’s Employment Virtual Fair, where almost 10,000 people participated. Very different professionals with very different backgrounds.

Our participation in Comunidad de Madrid’s Employment Virtual Fair

As always, such a positive time for us. We could chat with participants that had doubts or questions about our company or the job offers we posted. We also had our own virtual stand, where we offered further inf0rmation about New Tandem and the chances for our visitors to register themselves for our job offers.

Altogether, around 750 participants visited New Tandem’s expositor. We have received all of their curricula and have them in mind for processes that fit such diverse profiles. From junior workers to others with decades of experience, there have been all kinds of employment demanders in our stand. We thank them for their interest in getting to know us, which is mutual; for us, it was a pleasure and we hope to be able to work with many of them.

EasyVirtualFair and Comunidad de Madrid have made it possible

We are very proud to be a part again of an initiative like this one. The pandemic changed, at least for now, the way of organizing these events and the director of Comunidad de Madrid’s Employment Virtual fair managed everything studying the smallest details at perfection. Mónica Blánquez, from EasyVirtualFair, got in charge of solving any doubt before, during and after the fair for all the companies that participated. She also had in mind that every company could fulfill every possibility in the event. We thank her for her availability and proactivity to make of this fair a big success. Also to Comunidad de Madrid for counting on us and creating this space for employment with the co-funding of the European Social Fund.

It’s the second time the Comunidad de Madrid’s General Direction of the Public Employment Service organizes a virtual fair. New Tandem is thrilled to participate in events like this one, so rewarding and satisfactory for employers and employees. We keep on doing what we know best. We keep #ConnectingTalent.