The New Tandem chat, already available in our website


One of our main goals is to be close to you. Whether you are a client, an employee, a candidate, or simply someone that is looking for information, we want for our communication with you to be as direct as possible. Thus, you will have another easy way to get to us, which is a priority for us. As being able to give you the answers you need in a quick and efficient way.

An intuitive, easy to use chat

We have recently launched a chat service. Where you will be able to send us any message, from doubts to suggestions or any other questions. You just have to enter our website. The New Tandem chat, powered by Tidio, is adapted both for computers and phones (also tablets). You will find it in the inferior right corner of your screen. Then, you will have the chance to send us any concerns you have and wait until we answer in a few minutes. Fast, easy and designed thinking of you.

If at any given time we are not available, you will always have the chance to leave a message in the same chatbox. Then, we will send you an email solving your issue as soon as possible. Besides, we remind you there are other ways of easily contacting us, in case you prefer them: you can write an email to or give us a call: +34 91 561 74 64.

One more step to reinvent ourselves

With out chatbox, at New Tandem we keep on relying on technology as the perfect complement to connect people. Among our novelties to offer a quality service to you, and to give you an added value as a boutique consultancy firm, there is also the launching of our app and the intention of reboosting the Employee Service Department.

All of these actions have the same, common purpose: being able to advance, with your help, and reinvent ourselves to keep on being the HR partner you need and want. That’s the key of our success, which is always a consequence of yours.

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