New Tandem impulses its Employee Support Department

We start the year 2022 with the objective of renewing ourselves once again and taking care of every detail towards the idea of connecting talent. Thus, at New Tandem we want to tell you about our Employee Support Department. Even though we have always taken care of the relationship with our employees as the base of our work, we want to further impulse this space, dedicated fully to their needs.

New Tandem’s employees, our most active asset

We are a boutique Human Resources consultancy firm, with more than two decades operating in the sector. We know the importance of having clients that trust us; thus, our employees become our best asset. Our experience lets us find people who is capable and compromised, and we locate them in the job and company where they can better develop their abilities.

The redevelopment of this department means yet another step for New Tandem’s workers to have an even more personalized attention. And for them to know we bear in mind their suggestions and demands. The experience of our team when treating with candidates and employees every week is crucial to reach the objective: strengthening the link with each and every person who is a part of New Tandem.

How does this department work

The communication in this Employee Support Department is established in a proactive way. We carry out a periodic tracking of the situation of each of our workers. This way, we can do everything that is in our hands to contribute for their well-being. Something that not only increments the productivity, but also helps us retain their valuable talent.

If you are a New Tandem employee, you can also be the one to get in contact with us. You can call +34 91 561 74 64 or send an email to and we will be pleased to help you.

We will announce more news regarding our employees very soon. Because in 2022, we keep on taking a chance on technology and innovation; never forgetting to focus on the importance of the human factor, the key of our 22 years #ConnectingTalent.

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