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From NewTandem, we understand the importance of having the best talent in order to propel growth in your organization. The externalization of the selection processes has become a key strategy for many organisations that wish to optimize their hiring processes and obtain better results. In this article, we will explore exactly what this process consists of, and NewTandem can help.

What is Outsourcing?

Tech Outsourcing, or the externalization of the hiring process, is the process in which a company hires an external expert provider, such as NewTandem, to handle the complete process of personnel selection and hiring. From the search of the candidates until the last stages of hiring, externalizing this aspect allows companies to delegate this process to experts that will take care of finding the appropriate talent for your specific needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing.

The optimization of the tech outsourcing processes is a key strategy for companies that wish to find and select the adequate talent in an efficient and effective way. In a highly competitive labour market, having by your side an optimized recruiting processes can be the differentiating factor in attracting talent and retaining it.

Let’s explore some of the best advantages of implementing optimization to the hiring processes:

  • Access to quality talent: Our expert team of recruiters counts with a wide network and utilizes effective strategies to identify and attract highly qualified candidates that adjust to the requirements and corporate culture.
  • Saving time and resources: Outsourcing the recruitment process will liberate you from your tedious tasks of curriculum revising, interview processes and evaluations. We will take care of the whole process, which will allow you to focus in other key areas of your business.
  • Abilities and knowledge of the market: At NewTandem, we maintain ourselves up to date on the current trends and practices in the recruitment of personnel. We have the know-how and the necessary experience to evaluate candidates in an objective way and take well-informed decisions.
  • Higher efficiency and risk reduction: Our methodology of rigorous and structured selection processes guarantees that only the highest qualified candidates are presented to your company. This reduces risks of inadequate hires, and allows you take well informed decisions.
  • Flexibility and scalability: We adapt our outsourcing processes to long-term and spontaneous projects, adapting to your rhythm and offering flexible and scalable solutions.
  • Strategic focus: When outsourcing your recruitment processes with Newtandem, you obtain a strategic focus in the search for talent. Our team analyses your specific necessities assuring each candidate has the necessary competences and requisites to propel your company´s success. We offer personalized solutions adapted to your entrepreneurial objectives.

To sum it all up, the tech outsourcing of recruitment processes can offer you the opportunity of optimizing your hiring processes while saving time and resources, as well as access to quality talent and risk reduction associated with inadequate selection. Our team of expert recruiters will take care of finding the best candidates that adjust to your necessities and corporate culture. Place your trust in us to propel your success through an efficient and effective recruitment process.


Tech Outsourcing of recuritment  procesesses: Freqeuntely asked questions FAQ

What is the optimization of recruitment processes?

The optimization of recruitment processes is a combination of strategies and actions oriented towards the advancement of personnel selection. It consists in revising and improving each stage of the process, from the definition of the desired candidate all the way to the on-boarding of the new candidate, with the objective of finding and selecting the most adequate candidate in a precise and swift way.

Why is it important to optimize the recruitment processes in my company?

Optimizing recruitment processes in your company can save time and resources, attract quality talent, improve the experience of each candidate, while taking well-informed decisions based on data. Moreover, an efficient hiring can contribute to cost-reduction associated with personnel hiring, while propelling success and growth in your organization.

What are the benefits of implementing optimization in recruitment processes?

When implementing optimization in the recruitment processes, you can improve efficiency, reduce time, attract candidates, take well-informed decisions based on data and reduce costs associated with personnel selection.

How can I start to optimize outsourcing processes in my organization?

You can start with the following steps: clearly defining the desired candidate, establish an efficient work-flow, utilize adequate tools and technologies, designing structured interviews based on abilities, while measuring and analysing results, improvement based on those results.

What is the role of technology in the optimization of recruitment processes?

Technology plays an important role in the optimization of recruitment processes. It allows to automatize repetitive tasks, quicken administration of candidates facilitates communication and collaboration between team member, and provides analysis tools to take well informed decision, while improving the processes.

How can I improve the experience of the candidate during the recruitment process?

To improve the experience, it is important to provide clear and concise communication, offer feedback, and maintain a respectful and professional attitude in all the stages of the process, while guaranteeing a quick answer to every question or insecurity the candidate may have.

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