The keys to reach SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth


One of the 17 purposes fixed in the Agenda 2030 focuses in the consecution of optimal labor conditions across the world. Sustainable Development Goal number 8 has the aim of fomenting an economic growth based in sustainability and inclusion.

The pandemic compromised millions of jobs and destroyed millions as well, all over the globe. Despite this, now there is a chance and, especially, a bigger need of carrying out the necessary changes to eradicate the inequalities that the labor market has presented historically.

A transition based in fairness and equality

Looking ahead to 2030, the idea is to reach full, productive employment worldwide. There is a special intention of reaching a similar, or ideally, identical remuneration for work of the same value.

To achieve this SDG number 8, it’s necessary to increase the economic productivity levels. UNO recommends countries to concentrate on diversification, technological modernization or innovation. Also, one of the specific objectives of SDG 8 is that the politics become orientes towards the sustainable development of the labor market; protecting employees, guaranteeing decent work conditions and fomenting the growth of small and medium size companies.

Work market transformation must also have a link with ecological transition. Not only because of the climatic alert, but also due to the job creation possibilities it has.

Special protection of those who have suffered the pandemic the most

Precisely, the communities and sectors that have suffered the pandemic the most, from a work perspective, are those where the reshaping of work conditions have to be focused on the most. Reducing the inequalities is, if possible, more urgent than it was.

According to the International Labor Organization, the loss of incomes and jobs for women has been disproportionate comparing it with men; young people has also lived a standstill in their education and formation and, in many cases a loss of their jobs; workers of the irregular economy haven’t been able to have access to social protection; and sectors like the touristic or the gastronomic one are still suffering the consequences of the pandemic. Although, luckily, they are starting to recover.

At New Tandem we have a compromise with sustainable development in relation with work. Labor conditions must be fair for all employees, who should also enjoy safe and healthy work environments. Also, we impulse feminine talent with the aim of reducing the existing gap. Moreover, to completely guarantee that our workers are satisfied with their conditions, we have recently implemented the Employee Service Department; where we will have in mind their suggestions, claims and requests, in order to keep on improving day by day. And also, to promote the SDG 8, little by little, until it becomes a full reality.

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