Benefits of cold showers

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Hello again!

How have you managed stress with your breath? If you want to see results you have to practice and practice, experiment and experiment. You will see how changes appear in your life. Let’s get down to the benefits of cold showers.

Today I want to talk to you about taking a shower with cold water… Surely you are thinking, this man is crazy, with the cold that it is! But there are many benefits of cold showers…

The shower with cold water is very interesting for our health. There is a study that says that a daily cold shower for a month reduces absenteeism due to illness by 29%. It’s amazing! In the next article I will tell you what happens in the body doing this healthy practice.

Showering this way is not a big deal. At first you contract your whole body, your breathing changes. But the moment you accept it, the experience changes. I repeat, this is mindfulness in its purest form: what you reject remains, what you accept transforms.

You can start this practice with showers with ice water from minute zero. If you run or do exercise that makes you sweat, it’s easy to do. It does not cost, since the body is very hot. You will see how your muscles and joints thank you! For those people whose teeth chatter just thinking about it, they can start their shower as normal, with hot water (never more than 38º) and finish it with cold water, as a contrast. The experience will be similar when the body is hot. Try it, in these ways it’s not that bad.

At what temperature does the water have to be? There are all kinds of studies, but they all agree that taking a bath with ice is not recommended. It can burn the skin. In professional athletes, baths of 15 minutes in water at 10º are being used. Don’t worry, these are professional athletes… But we can start to get used to the cold, showering between 20º and 25º, without exceeding 2 minutes of showering. When we are used to it we can go down to 15º. 30 seconds is enough to cause body and mental changes. Even, to see if I convince you, you can start by just wetting your feet after a hot shower. So for a couple of days. Then we will go up every day, the legs, another day, the trunk in front, the next day, the arms and we will finish a day later already showering the entire body.

What is important is to rub very well with the towel when finished, to dry quickly. You will find it very stimulating. Wrapping up a lot below. In summer this is not necessary.

When should you not shower with cold water? When you are sick or have an allergy to cold (cryoallergy). I encourage the rest of you to try it. It can come in handy for you.

Breathe and shower with cold water. This is mindfulness!

Dr. Juan Cuadrado

man taking cold shower benefits of cold shower

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