Hiring Process in Spain: tips and guidance

La Contratación de Personal en España Consejos para contratar

The recruitment and hiring process can be an arduous task for any company in Spain, especially in a highly competitive labour market. For NewTandem it is imperative to establish the best practices for effective hiring processes. The CV is a tremendous utility that can help us evaluate a candidate´s, skills and capabilities, while job portals are great to reach a higher audience of candidates. However, it is crucial to fulfill personal interviews, in order to evalaute candidates.

The selection process must include an evaluation of the candidate’s job capabilities and worth, and an analysis of the job itself. However, ¿What exactly is an evaluation of performance? This evaluation measures candidate’s effectiveness, work-rhythm, while the analysis of the job offered can help determine and specify the exact candidate required to fulfill it. Some tools that are paramount in order to achieve this are: specific interviews measuring specific capabilities, psycho-occupational analysis, and evaluation of personal abilities.

Hiring process in Spain: the importance of the CV.

It is important to take notice of corporate culture inside a company as well as corporate identity, both are crucial in determining the recruitment process. Corporate culture has a big impact on talent acquisition and talent retention. That is why at NewTandem, we ensure that the candidates values are aligned with corporate culture and identity, assuring success for both parties.

In order to improve the current selection, hiring and on-boarding processes, new options are being used like artificial intelligence in order to narrow down and speed up the first process of selection. Moreover, organizational climate surveys can also help in measuring employee satisfaction and identify any possible improvement areas. NewTandem will help you in this process as well.

To sum it all up, the hiring process in Spain can be complex and in some cases crucial for long-term success of any company. NewTandem can effectively hire highly qualified personnel and contribute to success at all levels of the organization. On top of that, with the utilization of modern techniques like interviewing by capabilities, extensive follow-up of candidates or employee satisfaction, we will improve your recruitment process and your employee retention rate.

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