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Do you remember Mercedes Milá’s TV program? Some of you might not even have been born…… One day, Mercedes Milá invited Francisco Umbral, the writer, to her tv talkshow. Mercedes Milá asked him about his work and when she tried to talk to him about his private life, Umbral got up from his seat, very angry. With a very unpleasant tone, he said: “I have come to talk about my book”. And suddenly, he left. 

This anecdote has remained in the collective imagination. That is why when a person does not listen, we say “he has come to talk about his book”. It is a good introduction for what follows.

I wanted to talk to you about an element in our life that puts us in contact with others: communication. What a source of happiness!  And… of stress!

In Mindfulness courses we work on this topic. Problems in communication at work and in human relationships can cause great emotional disorders. To avoid this, it is very useful to change the way we communicate. To move from an egoistic and automatic communication to a conscious communication.

I would like you to experience this. Please, at work and/or at home try this informal practice of attentive listening.

When someone comes to talk to you, generously offer them your time and full attention. Try not to lead the conversation – you have not come to talk about your book – do not interrupt, avoid asking questions, unless it is necessary to understand the message.

You can nod and use short phrases such as “okay”, “I see” or “I understand” in a very tight way.

In case you get distracted, kindly reconnect with the conversation.

At the same time try to be aware of how you feel at that moment. Also if you feel like interrupting or what else you feel like doing.

Please try it several times. If you like it, you can adopt it as a habit and your stress index will decrease.

In the future, I will expand on the ideas of mindful communication, because I find it very important and interesting.

Breathe deeply, it’s Mindfulness!

Dr. Juan Cuadrado

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Mindfulness with others.

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