What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?


The Employer of Record (EOR) services area is one of our fields of expertise. We want to become partners with companies that don’t want to waste time or resources dealing with changing regulations in Spain.

An Employer of Record, a partner for the international part of your business

But what is an Employer of Record? An Employer of Record or EOR is a company that becomes the employer of a worker that is actually performing for another company. With Employer of Record or EOR services, companies like New Tandem carry out all the administrative tasks, from hiring the employee to paying him or her. In the meantime, the company he or her is working for can focus on its own key chores. That way, they don’t waste time learning, for instance, how taxes work in our country. We help them save time and lower costs, while they expand their business in Spain.

That is the purpose of an Employer of Record. Managing the whole process of hiring an employee and, consequently, helping foreign companies to extend their business to different countries and to attract the best talent available in those nations.

We are specialists in EOR services in Spain

After more than 20 years operating in Spain, we decided a few years ago to amplify our target. New Tandem is already the local EOR partner of several foreign companies, both multinationals and small-medium enterprises. Businesses with no offices or structure in Spain, looking for talent and for simplifying things.

We have the infrastructure and expertise to provide these services to your company, so you can easily operate in Spain, not worrying about the complicated and changing legal details that, many times, make of expanding your business internationally a little appealing experience.

New Tandem is internationally certified and audited by the prestigious firm SGS in Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2015 Standard. It’s considered the main global reference in control, verification, analysis and certification of quality and integrity.

If you want to expand your business and attract the best talent available in Spain, contact us. We are ready to help you save time, lower costs and see your business grow in our country. Let us be your EOR services partner.

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