Pfizer’s vaccine marks World Science Day for Peace and Development

world science day

Each 10th of November, since the year 2002, there are international events for World Science Day for Peace and Development. A day which tries to find, through science, solutions for our biggest economic, social and environmental challenges.

This time, UNESCO promotes international cooperation to reach a sustainable development. Besides, it insists on the need of spreading knowledge among citizens when it comes to science. Only an informed society can be properly aware of scientific advances and care for our vulnerable planet.

This year, science for and with society

On 2020, when the pandemic has surrounded everything, UNESCO proposes the motto “Science for and with Society in dealing with COVID-19”. Three pillars sustain the answer science wants to give to the disease. International scientific cooperation, global access to water and support for the ecologic reconstruction are crucial to eradicate, or at least to brake, the advance of the pandemic.

Pfizer’s vaccine, an encouraging coincidence

This year’s date for this Day of Science has coincided with very encouraging news. The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, along with BioNTech, announced yesterday that, very soon, they will have ready a vaccine with an efficacy of 90% against COVID-19 ready. If they confirm this information, by the end of the year 50 million doses of the vaccine could be distributed. A figure that would rise up to 1,300 million in 2021. 

At New Tandem we want to participate of this World Science Day for Peace and Development, sharing wishes with UNESCO. For science to serve every single citizen in the world. Our contribution to SDG in April was, in fact, the objective of investing in technological innovation, a measure towards achieving sustainability. An informed society is empowered to demand sustainable development and world peace. Two areas very influenced, among other things, by science.

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