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At New Tandem we want to help you understand what an EOR Partner (Employer of Record) is, why it is the perfect solution for your Company and how many benefits does it have for your workers, regardless of whether they are Spanish employees or foreign employees.

In the following article you can find frequently asked questions, in any case, if there are any doubts that are still unanswered please feel free to contact us at newtandem@newtandem.com+34 91 561 74 64.

What are the functions of an Employer of Record?

The different tasks that an EOR Company perform can vary immensely, depending on the services offered and the necessities of the client Company. Overall, the solutions that an EOR Company in Spain supplies as your service provider usually include:

  1. Hiring and onboarding of the employee in the Spanish Social Security:  New Tandem will fulfill the whole hiring process and employment contract, including the corresponding social fees and quotes related to Social Security in Spain.
  2. Taxes and payroll management: Your EOR Company will handle employee payroll services, ensuring salary payments are sent correctly. They will also handle all fiscal obligations such as the IRPF (Personal Income Tax), the IVA (VAT) or any other section related to Spanish Labor Law.
  3. Consulting and guidance related to the fiscal, legal and labour obligations in Spain: Your EOR will provide guidance and support to the hiring Company in order to make sure every legal obligation and compliance risks are met.
  4. Creation and maintenance of contracts and compliance requirements: At New Tandem we will take care of all tasks regarding contract compliance for all of your team.
  5. Offering and taking care of the employee during all  his stay with us: At New Tandem, we guarantee any solution and we manage a wide range of employee benefits, vacation days, additional payments, issues and, of course, comply with employee rights. At the same time, if the labour relationship comes to an end, we deal with the termination of the contract, taken preventive measures to make sure termination is complaint with legislation.

Benefits of hiring an EOR Partner (Employer of Record)

Hiring an EOR Company in Spain has several benefits for those Companies looking to hire, expand and grow their business in Spain. New Tandem is a pioneer in Spain in EOR services with more than 20 years’ experience. What are the benefits:

  1. Streamlining the process of hiring outside your Country. When you hire New Tandem´s EOR services, we take care of all the legal, fiscal and labour obligations where you’re planning to expand your business, in a fast and efficient manner.
  2. Reduction of costs. New Tandem as an EOR take care of all the obligations in the fiscal and labour institutions, offering cheaper services than establishing a subsidiary in Spain.
  3. Simplification of payroll, taxation and regulations. It is crucial that our clients, and their employees feel safe in terms of tax compliance, avoiding any type of complications that may arise. New Tandem offer all guarantees as experts and local partners since year 2000.
  4. Deep knowledge of the Spanish market. To guarantee that our clients´ objectives are in perfect harmony with the Spanish employment law, as well as with any other legal aspects that could arise along the way.
  5. Counselling and support of all labour and fiscal obligations, from the start of the process, and until the end, our clients receive full support from New Tandem in order to make sure all obligations are met.
  6. Satisfaction and comfort of your employees. New Tandem is committed to ensuring the best employee experience possible. As your service provider we take care of everything related with the team. From health insurance to salary payments (including also bonuses or commissions), as well as corresponding days of vacation for each worker, social benefits; all employee rights will be respected.
  7. Exclusive Benefit offered by New Tandem. As an integral HHRR Company New Tandem will help with any and all Recruiting needs, as well as Organizational and Climate Surveys and any other Human Resource necessity in Spain. As we are experts and specialized in these services since our establishment in year 2000.

Which companies can use EOR Partner (Employer of Record) services in Spain?

Reasons for using EOR services can be quite diverse depending on the different business opportunities you might be looking to grow in Spain:

  • To reduce the amount of work as well as reducing costs of establishing a legal entity in another Country. Also, as a way of trying out new markets before establishing a full presence.
  • A rationalization of the process of hiring, cost reduction and simplification of payroll and taxes.
  • To reap benefits from growing your consumer base in growing markets without having to establish a subsidiary.

To sum up, these services are extremely useful for those Companies searching for business opportunities outside their national sphere, or Companies that cannot afford the challenges and costs of doing this task autonomously.

Discover why, among the rest of Spanish employers, we are the most effective solution for your business

  • New Tandem is a Company with more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resource field. We offer an integral service as Employer of Record and we are the local partner of numerous international Companies.

How to contact New Tandem as EOR (Employer of Record)?

  • Wish to know more about us and how we can help you acquire the best talent available in Spain? Contact us and we will be glad to let you know more.
  • Ask for information related to quoting and pricing: you can contact us through our telephone number: +34 91 561 74 64, or through our email find us at newtandem@newtandem.com. We will provide detailed information related to pricing and servicing.
  • Signing the contract: Once the conditions are established by both parties, the process starts.

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