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At NewTandem we want to help you understand what an EOR Partner (Employer of Record) does in Spain. In the following article you can find frequently asked questions, in any case, if there are any doubts that are still unanswered please feel free to contact us at newtandem@newtandem.com, or call the following number: +34 91 561 74 64.

What are the functions of an Employer of Record?

The different tasks a EOR (Employer of Record) company can vary immensely, depending on the services contracted and the necessities of the contracting company. Overall, the functions that an EOR company in Spain does usually include:

  1. Hiring and on boarding of the employee in the Spanish social security. The EOR will complete the whole hiring process, including the corresponding social fees and quotes related to social security in Spain.
  2. Taxes and payroll: EOR company will handle employee payroll ensuring salaries and payments are sent correctly. They will also handle all fiscal obligations such as the IRPF (Personal Income Tax) or the IVA(VAT).
  3. Consulting and guidance related to the fiscal, legal and labour obligations in Spain: Our EOR will provide guidance and support to the hiring company in order to make sure every legal obligation is met.

Benefits of hiring an EOR Partner (Employer of Record)

Hiring an EOR company in Spain has several benefits for those companies looking to hire foreign workers. Some of these include:

  1. Streamlining the process of hiring outside your country. When you hire NewTandem´s EOR services, we will take care of all the legal, fiscal and labour obligations in the country where the service is fulfilled.
  2. Reduction of costs. NewTandem as an EOR will take care of all the obligations in the fiscal and labour institutions of each specific country, offering cheaper services than establishing a subsidiary in another country.
  3. Simplification of payroll and taxes related tasks.
  4. Counselling and support of all labour and fiscal obligations, form the start of the process, during and until the end, full support from NewTandem will be  granted in order to make sure all obligations are met.

It´s important to have in mind that these are just some of the benefits of hiring NewTandem as your EOR partner in Spain.

Which companies can utilise EOR Partner (Employer of Record) services in Spain?

The reasons for using EOR services can be quite diverse. For example, to diminish the amount of work as well as diminishing the costs of establishing a separated legal entity in another country. Also as a way of trying out new markets before establish a full presence. Other motives include: streamlining of the process of hiring, cost reduction and simplification of payroll and taxes.

Companies can reap benefits from these services when hiring workers outside of the national residence without having to establish a subsidiary in another country. These services are extremely useful for those companies without experience in foreign hiring, or companies that cannot afford the challenges and costs of doing this task autonomously.

How to contract NewTandem Services such as EOR (Employer of Record)?

  1. Identify the necessities at your company. Its fundamental to determines which necessities are required to hire foreign workers. For example: ¿which vacancies do you wish to fill? ¿What are the pre-requisites for potential candidates? ¿What is the duration of the contract?
  2. Ask for information related to quoting and pricing: you can contact us through our telephone number: +91 561 74 64, or through our email find us at newtandem@newtandem.com. We will provide detailed information related to pricing and servicing.
  3. Signing the contract: Once the conditions are established by both parties, the process will start.

NewTandem is accompany with more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resource field. We offer an integral service as Employer of Record and we are the international partner of numerous global companies.

Wish to know more about and us and how we can help you acquire the best talent available in Spain? Contact us without compromise and we will be glad to let you know more.

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