How to expand your business with an Employer of Record

Cuatro Torres Business Area, in Madrid. Capital of Spain, where you can expand your business with the help of an Employer of Record like New Tandem.

In an increasingly globalized world, talent attraction goes beyond many companies’ countries. The possibilities of expansion have grown within the last few years; recruiting is different, and so the capacity of companies to seize business opportunities abroad.

Because of that, more and more organizations decide to count on a Human Resources partner. That partner becomes the legal employer of those workers living in a different country but still working for the company.

Why would I use an Employer of Record?

First of all, we must know an Employer of Record (EOR) is a third entity acting as a local partner for a company and employing its workers. This way, it is not necessary for that company to establish a legal or subsidiary entity in a different country to be able to hire people living in that country. For instance, if a British company wanted to develop its services in Spain, the help of an EOR will make it easier and faster to happen.

Besides that advantage, having a HR partner that takes care of payroll, taxes, visas or work permits will save you time and money as well. You will be able to focus on your key tasks; but also, you will have an external management of the legal aspects related with your employees. The legal responsibility for/with your workers will be the EOR’s responsibility. Your EOR will act between them and the local institutions and administrations.

Employer of Record advantages summed up:

  • Attract international talent in an agile, easy way
  • Dedicate time and other resources to your most important objectives, while your EOR deals with the changing laws of the place where your international employees live.
  • Forget about the legal and laboral responsibility with your employees, that the Employer of Record will almost completely exercise
  • Take all the operative decisions that have to do with your employees, while you can forget about the administrative ones
  • Have the guidance and the experience of a group of professionals that know the legality of the country where they operate
Computer and screen in a desktop. Remote work is a big opportunity to seize talent beyond your nation's borders.
Remote work is a big opportunity for the expansion of your business abroad

What are the benefits of externalizing my HR labor with an EOR?

There is a bunch of reasons why a company could be interested in externalizing this kind of tasks. We have already seen how it can help a company to expand its business abroad.

And a more efficient and effective time and money management, or the possibility of focusing on your main objectives, are two crucial details to have in mind and that are worth of considering having an Employer of Record. To sum it up, if you want to hire workers in other countries, like Spain, you will be lucky enough to have an expert team by your side.

Why would I expand my business in Spain?

Spain is one of the 20 biggest economies in the world. Its GDP is growing during the last few years and offers big business opportunities. This country is a privileged destiny because of its climate, gastronomy and cultural offers, among many other attractions. It is, due to that, a very solicited destiny for people looking to work from home. Besides, there are professionals in Spain from a varied range of sectors.

If you are looking to attract the best available talent in Spain, an Employer of Record like New Tandem can help you find it. What makes us different? We have more than 20 years of experience in the world of Human Resources and we are pioneers in EOR services in Spain. New Tandem is a boutique company, which will always dedicate you the time and specialized attention you need and deserve. We work with companies of different sizes, origins and sectors, managing all the administrative tasks related with their employees that live in our country.

If you want to meet us, send an email to And we will explain to you how we work and how we can specifically help your business grow.

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