Why to count on an HR partner for a Recruitment process


The search and hiring of employees is one of the keys for every company, regardless of the sector they belong to or the size they are. Recruitment processes are the task that brings talent to your organization, whose success will depend on counting on the best professionals. And, especially, counting on the very ones you need.

An optimal recruitment of the employees you need is, thus, the path to differentiate yourself from your competitors. There’s a lot at stake. And it might become an arduous task that consumes a lot of your company’s resources. Counting on an HR partner that helps you find the workers you need can help you save time and money; moreover, it will give you the security that you won’t fail with your incorporations.

How does an externalized recruitment process work

Experience and constant renovation might seem like antagonistic ideas. Nevertheless, they are New Tandem’s distinguishing marks. Our more than 20 years in the Human Resources sector are not an obstacle for us to keep adapting to the changes of a market that doesn’t stop to evolve. Our endorsement are dozens of clients, who we help to carry out their recruitment processes successfully. Do you want to know how?

First of all, we help our clients to define and elaborate thoroughly the profile they are looking for. From that moment on, the recruiting starts. We carry out headhunting tasks through different procedures, and after that we begin a screening process of the resumes we have received. The second-to-last phase is to get to know, taking the necessary time for it, the aptitudes -those that appear in the CV and those that don’t– and previous experiences of the candidates that show their interest and fulfill the requirements of our clients. Through interviews, New Tandem consultants determine which ones are apt for the positions we are working on. The last step is to present to our clients those profiles that we certainly know are made for the job post previously defined.

Of course, after the incorporation, we remain in contact with our clients to make sure we have reached the initial objective. And we offer warranties that, in the opposite case, we can find an easy, quick, alternative solution.

How can an HR partner help you

An HR partner that knows how to develop all this tasks correctly will allow you to focus your time and resources on your key chores. Especially in those moments when you are looking for hard to find or very specialized positions.

New Tandem wants to build a strong team with its clients, always custom-made how they want. Involving them in the recruitment process as much as they need; they can stand aside from the process until the end, or participate actively in the whole process. Without losing the proximity, we keep the role they prefer.

We find the technical profiles, directives and intermediate and middle-level managers your company is searching for. We are specialized in fields like Finance, Banking, Engineering, IT, Healthcare or Insurance. Our more than two decades as boutique recruitment consultants are our best presentation letter. And we have gone so far along clients that recommend us and repeat working with us.

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