Personnel recruitment, definitve guide for your first employment opportunity

Definitive guide on personnel hiring

The importance of the recruitment process for career success.

The recruiting process is fundamental for any company, as well as those searching for their first employment opportunity. The first step in the recruitment process is finding the right candidate that adjusts to the company’s needs and expectations. Personnel hiring process includes revision of curriculum vitae, interview process and evaluation of abilities and competence. Consequently, from NewTandem we want to offer our definitive guide on how to find a job in 2023, offering key tips for your CV and on how to manage your first job.

As a company specialized in personnel hiring, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we know of the importance of finding that perfect synergy between employers and employees. Thats why we want to help.

The job interview is a key moment for candidates searching for their first employment opportunity. Its the opportunity to feature and highlight your value. To be successful in an interview, it is fundamental to prepare yourself adequately. This translates into doing due diligence on the company, practicing possible questions and answers, and showing confidence as well as effective communication abilities. For all these reasons we wanted to share with you the definitive guide on personnel hiring. If your in need of a job, you may find it here, brought to by NewTandem

¡The how-to and why-to for a perfect CV!

The curriculum vitae is a very important tool that will highlight your candidacy in the recruitment process. It is your presentation card and you must demonstrate your abilities, achievements and relevant experience for the position. A well designed and optimized CV will be the differentiating factor between being called for an interview or be forgotten about.

Some tips for optimizing your curriculum vitae include: personalization for each job offer, highlight your relevant achievements, utilizing a clear and concise format and using keywords related with the position your applying to. Here you can find the definitive guide for personnel hiring.

  1. Personalize your curriculum for each job offer: Each offer is unique and adapting your CV for the requisites and abilities required in relation to the position you’ve applied to will feature your candidacy and the recruiter will take notice.
  2. Utiliza un formato de CV claro: un currículum bien organizado y fácil de leer captará más fácilmente la atención del reclutador, evita párrafos extensos que dificulten la lectura.
  3. Highlight your achievements: Do not enumerate responsibilities but rather feature your achievements, give concrete data so the company can clearly see your value.
  4. Highlight your academic background and relevant abilities: Make sure your certifications and abilities are featured, this will demonstrate compromise and continuous formation, demonstrating your capacity too adapt to the employment opportunity
  5. Review your CV: this is vital, since it could generate a first bad impression, make sure grammar and cohesion are correct.

Optimizing your curriculum vitae is fundamental in order to stand out in recruiting processes. Personalize, organize and highlight your achievements in an effective way, utilize key words and revise it before sending it. Remember that your CV is your presentation card and the opportunity to impress recruiters.

Definitive guide on finding your first job in 2023

10 tips on finding your first employment opportunity

Finding your first job can be quiet a challenge, however with an adequate strategy, you can increase your success possibilities. Some useful tips include seizing your internship opportunities, networking, and utilizing job offers portals, assisting to employment events, developing your abilities and knowledge through courses or relevant certification. At NewTandem we want to give you some practical tips that we would have liked to obtain on our first day of work.

Commencing in the job market can be thrilling and challenging at the same time. On many occasions we have found ourselves in need of some tips and guidance to face those difficult or challenging situations. ¡Here are some tips that I would have loved to know in my first job!

  1. Learn to listen: Active listening is a high value ability that will allow for a better understanding on needs and expectations from your team.
  2. Do not hesitate to ask questions: Do not be scared on needing clarification about your responsibilities and tasks. Open communication is key for a successful performance.
  3. Build a network of contacts: Connecting with people inside and outside of your organization can open doors and offer opportunities of professional growth.
  4. Take on new challenges: Do not conform yourself with what you already know. Assume new challenges that will allow for growth in your professional career.
  5. Take care of your personal image: The way in which you present yourself and how you relate to others can have a significant impact in your professional development.
  6. Do no fear mistakes: Mistakes are opportunities of growth and knowledge. Learn from them and search for creative solutions to override obstacles.
  7. Cultivate your soft skills: Abilities like effective communication, teamwork and problem resolution are just as important as technical knowledge.
  8. Find a mentor: having someone by your side that can guide you and give effective tips based on their experience can help accelerate your professional career.
  9. Maintain a knowledgeable mentality: Curiosity and disposition to learn will open doors and help you adapt to changes.
  10. Find your balance: Work is important, however so is taking care of yourself. Prioritize your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Remember, every employment opportunity is a chance to learn and grow. ¡Take advantage of your first job and continue developing yourself and your professional career! We hope that you have liked our definitive guide on personnel hiring and recruiting processes. If you want to improve your soft skills, we highly recommend reading the following blog: “Improve your soft skills”.

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