Nadal and the values we can learn for our professional and personal life


He has done it again. For the umpteenth time, Rafa Nadal has surprised us. It seemed difficult, after everything he has achieved in the last 17 years. Nonetheless, his ambition and effort have led him to become the first man to reach 21 Grand Slam titles in the world of tennis. Whether we like sports or not, we can all learn values from him that we can later on apply to face our daily challenges and tasks.

Another lesson of self-improvement from Nadal

The Balearic player hasn’t fully recovered from a chronic injury in his scaphoid that started back in 2004, in the Estoril’s Open. Apart from overcoming that obstacle, in this past Australian Open, Nadal has had to cope with stomach problems in his quarter-finals match against Shapovalov, or a demanding final match he finally won in 5 sets, during more than 5 hours.

Being 35 years old, what Rafa did last Sunday is superlative. Not only because of defeating Medvedev, who is 25 and won the first two sets of the match. But also because he showed once again that a resistant mindset and an unbreakable disposition are the tools to turn the most adverse situations over. Even the idea of retiring from tennis, which Nadal had only a month and a half ago.

It’s precisely that what we can learn from what we have seen so many times, and we saw again on Sunday. That the capacity of adaptation to the changing events are the key of success. As experts in Human Resources, we fully support and share this idea.

Values in and out of the court

Beyond the effort during the matches, Nadal is also a role model regarding to his attitude in the court. Elegant, respectful and capable of controlling of his emotions. In so many years, we have never seen him breaking a racket, arguing with the public or provoking a rival. Rafa’s attitude, based on humbleness and respect, teaches us a behavior every worker -and every person- can implement in their life.

An interesting image of the latest victory of Rafa was the one that took place just after defeating his rival. The first thing he did was running to celebrate with his team. Even after reaching what nobody has reached before him, he is conscious of the importance of teamwork. Without his coach and trainers, as well of a supportive family that have accompanied him through the journey he has traveled since 2005, he wouldn’t have done what he has. And he is fully aware of it. We are especially moved by that simple yet meaningful gesture after the match; because in New Tandem we are convinced that the sum of individual talent, multiplies the opportunities.

It’s also hard to forget the images of an Olympic champion and sports legend who didn’t hesitate to clean the streets and houses of Sant Llorenç, in Mallorca, when a flood seriously damaged the town back in 2018. Besides helping in the streets, Nadal donated 1 million euros for the affected neighbors.

His foundation also carries out actions with the potential of changing lives. The example is the Nadal Educational Tennis School, located in India; there, kids from underprivileged communities receive education, a basic healthcare coverage and a daily nutritional supplement. Apart from, of course, learning and playing in their tennis courts.

The recognition of another legend

Your incredible work ethic, your dedication and your fighting spirit are an inspiration for me and for many people around the world“. With these words, the Swiss legend, Roger Federer, winner of 20 Grand Slams, congratulated his rival and friend last Sunday.

Beyond reminding him how some months ago they both joked about retiring, Federer left in his text another important message which could define both players: “Never underestimate a big champion”. Five words that remind us an important detail we might forget from time to time: when we face adversity, we are our best allies. Aside from his milestones, Rafa is a leader and a role model due to the values he manifests and represents. And that is something for us to be, if possible, even more proud of him.

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