Contributing to the SDGs is still a priority for New Tandem


At New Tandem, even though we are a flexible, innovative company, and we adapt ourselves constantly to the needs of the market, we know there are values and unalterable compromises we have to maintain.

One of them is our responsibility regarding the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UNO.

When, back in January, 2020, we elaborated our decalogue of contributions to SDGs, our compromise was not something punctual or ephemeral.

We are convinced that the little, daily actions, are the ones that make a difference. New Tandem keeps compromised with those implemented last year and, not forgetting about those, we are still looking for new ways to improve.

During the past months, apart from being aware of the need to protect the environment, we have focused more on the construction of a society where equality becomes real.

A society where people can live a healthy life. Where there basic rights are guaranteed. Those ideas are as important as ensuring a sustainable, clean planet.

Thus, we decided to set a challenge for New Tandem workers some months ago. We all competed, individually and in teams, to become the ones that took the most steps during three weeks. The challenge created a healthy habit, helped us promote the end of physical inactivity and contributed to team building. An activity that we link to achieving the SDG number 3: good health and well-being.

Another SDG that we defend proactively is gender equality. That defense was born with the birth of our company, way before it became SDG number 5 in UNO’s list.

In this area, we are preparing our own Equality Plan, with the objective of identifying those aspects that might be producing or perpetuating inequalities among our employees. To enhance even more our implication with equality in New Tandem.

They might just seem small gestures. Nonetheless, those gestures are the seed for change. We know there is a long way to go in Spain for companies to integrate SDGs in their ‘daily lives’. We encourage them all to take action: since only together we can build a better world.

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