A challenge to develop teamwork and physical activity

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Step by step. That’s how one of the teams formed by New Tandem employees has become the winner of a challenge that, during three weeks, invited them all to walk more than the rest to achieve the victory. Even though the situation is steadily improving thanks to the vaccination, this long pandemic hasn’t ended yet. And it has also affected physical activity.

Why a challenge like this one now

The restrictions, the impossibility of gathering with a huge group of people and, of course, the personal responsibility exercised by almost the whole population during more than a year might all lead to a negative consequence as a rise of sedentary lifestyles. This, added to the fact that, since the pandemic started, employees of many companies have physically seen each other much less than before, there are already two good reasons to have organized this challenge. Right in this moment.

The objective was to walk as much as possible, alongside your teammates. For this to become a team challenge, there was a minimum and maximum percentage of steps allowed for each member of the groups. This way, nobody did all the job neither none of it.

We believe promoting teamwork is crucial, and we have been doing so for more than 20 years of activity in New Tandem. Besides, helping to stop physical inactivity and to create healthier, more sustainable habits was another of the goals we have achieved with this challenge. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

The winner team of New Tandem’s walking competition

There has been a total participation, since all the employees have voluntarily taken part in this initiative. Finally, the individual winner has been Víctor Li Lin. Our HR consultant, the last one to become a part of our team, walked more than 240,000 steps. Alongside him, Cristina del Prado (2nd in the overall ranking) and Laura Fernández (5th) have shaped the champion team.

Their prizes have been a pair of sneakers for each of them, so they can keep on walking. Apart from that, Victor received a travel bag, as the overall champion.

We congratulate them and every other participant. We hope they have all discovered the benefits of walking every day, as making their hearts stronger and fighting insomnia and depression symptoms. While, also, taking care of our environment.

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