We are committed to sustainable development at work

New Tandem collaborates for a more sustainable development with responsible measures. One more reason for our employees to be proud to work in New Tandem.

And an additional reason for our clients to choose us as partners in their human resources activity.

Our 10 Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Promoting fair working conditions and safe and healthy environments for all New Tandem workers.
  2. Defending the gender equality and promoting the hiring of women, boosting female talent to reduce the existing gap
  3. Training in technological innovation to create more sustainable processes
  4. Raising awareness about energy savings in our offices.
  5. Removing single use plastic in our offices.
  6. Reduction of paper consumption by printing what is strictly necessary.
  7. Recycling (toner, printer cartridges) and waste sorting
  8. Promotion of sport, art and culture. “Mens sana in corpore sano”.
  9. Facilitating the participation of employees in volunteer work.
  10. Contributing to the economic support of NGOs through periodic donations

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