The advantages of combining face to face work and remote working

remote working

Remote working is a reality in a labor level we didn’t conceive, almost at all, before the pandemic. Despite being quite an extended practice in other countries, in Spain many are still getting used to developing their tasks from home.

The advantages of working from home are undeniable. So much that, sometimes, we can forget that face to face work, has other favorable consequences. Combining both practices, besides being an ideal formula for the 77% of Spanish employees, according to a study published in 2020, allows workers to seize the advantages of both practices.

Conciliation or reducing pollution, among the advantages of remote working

Those who work from home have the possibility of a better conciliation with their personal lives. Whether it is because they can spend time with their families or just because they can save time from going to their workplaces, remote working allows employees to have more free time. Besides, both companies and workers save costs. Whether it is in electricity bills or the actual trips.

Trips that, when they are massive and on a daily basis, generate pollution. At big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, even to the point of creating polluted air bubbles over the towns, which might have terrible consequences for their inhabitants health.

More united and resolutive teams with face to face work

That said, the fact of working at our offices also has its pros. Teamwork becomes much easier: face to face relationships make unity and capability of solving conflicts much simpler.

Besides, face to face work allows for a more effective psychological separation between personal and professional life.

Virtue lies in the middle

As Aristotle would say, equilibrium is key. Combining face to face work with remote working is an excellent option to develop united and motivated teams that can also enjoy more time for their personal lives. And, at the same time, to keep the air we breath a bit cleaner.

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