What is stress?

¿Qué es el estrés?

Hello everyone, I am very grateful to share this space with you. I hope it helps you improving your working time. I want to share with you the concept of mindfulness and those aspects of osteopathy that are most useful to you, in order to work with more satisfaction.
I wanted to start by commenting on how positive mindfulness is in the work environment, but I think you first have to understand its antithesis: stress.

What is stress?

It is a natural reaction for survival in situations such as:

  1. A threat, which can be real (there is a new organization in our department) or imaginary (the ghost that lives under the bed).
  2. Not assumed damages or losses.
  3. When the demands exceed personal abilities. (I’m drowning among so many papers!).

These situations cause a generalized reaction of our body. Our most primitive part of the brain asks our entire organism to prepare to flee or fight. We continued to act like when we were half monkeys and a leopard was chasing us in the savannah.

The cardiovascular system starts pumping blood, to our musculoskeletal system that prepares and contracts. The respiratory system begins to pour air and the immune system trips to protect us. On the other hand, the digestive system is blocked (Who wants to eat a sandwich, when is it going to be the appetizer of a lion?), As well as the reproductive system (It is not the best moment to start flirting!)

Do you recognize this situation? Yes, this is what happens to you when you are nervous (stressed).
Imagine, that this situation is repeated in your work or in your life continuously. It is a wild overload to the body and mind, which ends by failing.
Mindfulness by focusing, not judging and treating us with kindness can provide us with a great service, as we will see in new newsletters.
Thank you for your attention.
Now breathe and enjoy the moment, this is mindfulness.

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