Sleep time

Juan Cuadrado, our expert in “mindfulness”, tells us about sleep time, how important it is for being healthy and some techniques to improve it.

Every project (business or personal) is born from a dream How was your dream?

How did you sleep today? I remember reading that Zen Buddhist medical monks in Japan consider that the main symptom of lack of health in a person, is having difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. I guess you are aware of how poor quality or lack of sleep affects your work. And what about how it influences the relationship with your teams or your managers.

In Mindfulness we have a great tool to improve sleep: Body Scan. In fact, in clinical psychology, there is a very similar therapeutic technique called the Dr. Jacobsen technique. Clinical psychologists use it for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

In order to practice it, a very good friend will help us: Monica Padros.

Monica is a great Mindfulness instructor, besides being a dubbing actress. You will recognize her voice, as she puts it in many documentaries on channel “La 2” from TVE.

Download the free app “Insight timer” on your mobile, and in the “Meditations” section look for (with the magnifying glass symbol) Monica Padros. You will see a list of meditations and I suggest you select “MBSR Body Exploration”. Take some time just for yourself.

Stop, breathe, live the present moment … … This is Full Attention, this is Mindfulness!

Juan Cuadrado

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