25th of November, a date for claiming the end of violence against women

Violence Against Women

This day but 60 years ago, Trujillo’s dictatorship in Dominican Republic murdered the Mirabal sisters, after kidnapping them. Their crime was to create a protest and dissidence against a totalitarian regime. As a tribute for these fighters, and since 1991, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership promotes 16 consecutive days of activism against gender violence.

Ending violence against women is one of society’s main tasks. Women and girls suffering just because of being women and girls has occured throughout history. Two decades ago, UN published a resolution calling governments and international organisms to action. Nonetheless, still nowadays 1 out of every three countries in the world doesn’t forbid domestic violence and 37 countries don’t charge rape for men that are married or marry their victims afterwards.

Violence against women, worse in the pandemic

The pandemic has made a critical situation even worse. Victims of gender violence have had to share their space with their agressors on a daily basis. Actually, the number of calls to 016, Spanish special phone number for gender violence victims, have grown a 28% between March and September of 2020 when compared to the same period of 2019.

Empowered women, key to end this situation

At New Tandem we condemn every kind of violence. Today, more than ever, the one suffered by women around the world. We think eradicating violence against women is a consequence of achieving a real equality between men and women. Our second contribution to the SDGs for 2020 is to reduce the salary gap by hiring women. Economic independence is vital for the victims to feel empowered and free to find an alternative, so they don’t have to live with their agressors. We wish this day will soon stop to be a vindication. For those who are here and those who are gone. 

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