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I have thought that we have spent too much time locked up teleworking. Even some of you still do. This is an added stress at all levels. But today I want to focus on the bodywork; let’s give a coating of colorful painting to our body. Poor thing, he has suffered a lot from the sofa to the living room for working (and many days un any position) , from the living room to the sofa or to the kitchen. All day sitting or vice versa, the endless classes of Zumba, Pilates, yoga and other stories…

Let’s start with the lumbar exercise par excellence: the plank. It is an exercise that will stabilize our transverse abdominal, the muscle that acts as a girdle for our body. When we have low back pain and other back pain, this muscle is weak or does not activate in time, so let’s go for it!

Keep in mind that if you have repeated pain in the lower back, it would be advisable to see a healthcare professional first.

Let’s go with the plank: we look for a stable surface at about 40-60 cm high; They can be sofas, beds, stools, tables, armchairs, etc. Next, we support the side of the forearms with our closed hands forming a tension-free fist. The elbows should be below the shoulders. We stretch one leg and put the foot on tiptoe (very important for not straining the sciatic nerve) on the pad on the sole of the foot, before the toes. We repeat with the other leg the same. In such a way that the body and legs are in a straight line. The neck, also online. You may notice a tremor throughout your body. Your transverse abdominal is a chestnut, cheer up! If you are constant, in a month or month and a half you will have a functional muscle.

If you experience low back pain, you can bend your knees a little or lift your pelvis slightly. We will count slowly to 15 and repeat 15 times throughout the day. It is better if not all the planks are done in the same place, to stimulate the muscle to activate in any situation.

It seems very complicated, but … .. with three minutes and forty five seconds, you will have a healthy back, without discomfort at work. In the next newsletter we will talk about the neck.

Breathe… it’s Mindfulness!

Dr. Juan Cuadrado

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