‘Human Resources, shaping the new future’, the motto of our International Day for 2021

international human resources day

Last May 20, the HR sector around the world enjoyed a deserved recognition. This is the second year in a row we celebrate the International Human Resources Day, after the first one in 2020. A date to thank all the HR professionals for their crucial work, necessary for the correct functioning of any company.

The first time someone coined the term HR was in 1893, when the economist John R. Commons included it in one of his papers. But it was not until the 1910s/1920s that it became a popular expression.

This celebration was promoted by the World Federation of People Management Associations (WPFMA) and the motto they have chosen for 2021 has been ‘Human Resources, shaping the new future’. In a world that doesn’t stop changing, people management is also stepping forward. Towards a more inclusive, flexible and participative future; where Human Resources will have as their main goal to serve companies, workers and society as a whole.

HR Departments and their key functions

Some of the purposes of the people working in Human Resources are the recruitment, headhunting, the coordination of employee’s hiring, onboarding, employee’s monitoring, training or holiday management.

They must have a thorough knowledge of their employees’ objectives and abilities. Only this way is it possible for them to coordinate their workers’ potential and their organization strategy. Even though the expression ‘people management’ is pretty spread, the knowledge of each employee’s aptitudes is key when administrating their work. People is the biggest value companies have, and knowing how to determine their abilities, as well as the ‘soft skills’ they have, is the best way to identify talent and to locate it where it can be better developed.

At New Tandem we have more than 20 years of experience in the HR field. We manage (with) people, and provide a specialized, deep attention to our clients and employees that satisfies both sides. A way of working that also serves to build a society that looks to that future where inclusion, diversity and social corporate responsibility are the keys. We want to congratulate again to each and every one of the HR professionalsin the world. For they dedicate their life to a profession where people are in the middle.

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