Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

jetivos de desarrollo sostenible

In a world where the term “transformation” is used constantly, we cannot forget or ignore the importance of sustainable transformation of companies.

New Tandem is a company committed to sustainable development and that is why it has incorporated 10 Sustainable Development Goals in its daily activity in line with those set by the 2030 Agenda approved by the UN.

We encourage the rest of the companies and their staff to convert some measures into habits that contribute to making their offices and homes (“the new offices”) more sustainable and respectful with the environment.

We suggest some:

Lighting; When you have to install or replace lights, we recommend using low-consumption or LED bulbs and, if possible, choose those related to renewable energy sources, such as lamps that are charged with solar energy.

Eliminate single-use plastics: when we order food at home or catering, we ask that the containers be reusable and when it comes to bottles we ask for glass. Our employees receive a bottle in their welcome kit to be able to be constantly well hydrated.

Recycling of paper and consumables such as toner, printer cartridges and waste sorting. It is important to make it easy by installing easily accessible containers and appointing those responsible for their management.

Purchases of office supplies and merchandising: whenever possible we suggest that you opt for the most sustainable, reusable and recyclable materials.

Small repeated gestures end up having a great impact on the environment.

We would like to receive suggestions about new measures that we could implement. Contact with us and tell us which other measures you carry out in your company.

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