New Tandem renews its quality certification

certificación en calidad

New Tandem Group renews its certification in the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, truly committed to quality in the service it offers to its customers.

The auditing company has been SGS, a world leader in quality. It is considered the main world reference in inspection, verification, analysis and certification of quality and integrity.

New Tandem made the decision to become certified to continually improve its overall performance and provide its customers with consistent quality services.

The certification allows to show that the processes, systems and services of New Tandem comply with the national and international standards and regulations.

We recall that the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard in which New Tandem has renewed its certification passing a new audit, defines the way in which an organization works to meet the requirements of its customers and is based on eight principles of management of the quality:

  • Customer orientation
  • Leadership
  • Staff participation
  • Process-based aproach
  • Organizational context
  • Continuous improvement
  • Decision-making based on facts
  • Risk-based reasoning

One more reason to choose New Tandem as your partner in Human Resources.

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