The ocean: life and livelihoods – World Oceans Day

world oceans day

Our seas and oceans occupy more than a 70% of our planet’s surface. They are an indispensable sustenance for life on Earth. Because they regulate the planet’s climate, they produce around a half of the world’s oxygen, and they host a large part of the Earth’s biodiversity. Each June 8, World Oceans Day remind us how taking care of them is the only option we have.

Human beings, quite careless with a vital element

Apart from the previous, oceans play a very important role for humankind, primary cause for its deterioration. Nowadays, more than a 10% of the world’s population obtains its main protein source directly from the oceans. Experts estimate that, around 2030, 40 million people will have a job related with them. And it’s in them where several chemicals, potentially useful to treat various cancer types, such as leukemia or melanoma, have been found.

This recently celebrated World Oceans Day has existed since 1992. It wasn’t, though, until 2008, when UNO made it an official one. Curiously, it takes place the eight day of June. Because the 80% of our seas pollution is caused by humans, and more than 8 million tons of plastic are annually spilled to them.

We should remember that climate change contributes to a rise of sea level worldwide; but also to a loss of salinization which experts foresee will have terrible consequences in the long term. Among them, the rising of floods and big storms and the deterioration of ecosystems.

The motto for 2021 reminds us the basics: oceans are life

This year, UN selected the slogan “The ocean: life and livelihoods“. During June 8, important celebrities, experts in biodiversity and world leaders took place in different digital events prepared by United Nations to celebrate the date. You can watch them again here.

The objective of the World Oceans Day is primarily to mobilize the Earth’s population about the importance of carrying out a sustainable management of our oceans. Sustainable Development Goal number 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources) relates exactly about this topic. We shouldn’t forget how important it is not only for our own subsistence, but for life as a whole on this planet.

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