The keys of SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Woman working with a computer. Sustainable Development Goal number 8 looks to guarantee decent work, as a tool to achieve economic growth.

The progress as a society and the economic growth and development are concepts that must go together. An economy that grows in a progressive, inclusive and sustainable way is the base for the improvement in the quality of life of the habitants of that particular place. Nevertheless, that path must go hand in hand with decent conditions for the workers that impulse, with their effort, that economic growth.

Because of that, UN highlights in this SDG number 8, one out of the 17 that conform the Agenda 2030, the need of guaranteeing such conditions. 6 out of every 10 jobs globally were not regulated in 2016. Also, security and stability of many workers is not guaranteed in many parts of the globe. Those unfavorable conditions become harder for women; they suffer the salary gap, and earn a 23% less than men for the same tasks.

Which are the SDG 8 goals?

SDG 8 is based in 10 main objectives. They are the following:

  • Promotion of an annual 7% GDP growth in the least economically developed countries
  • Innovation and technological modernization to achieve an increase in the economic production
  • Political initiatives that create decent job posts and that favor the entrepreneurship or formalization of micro companies and SMEs
  • Efficient production and consumption; achieving that economic growth and environment protection go together
  • Productive and global employment: decent work across the world and same compensation for jobs of the same value
  • Reduction of youth unemployment and boost of formation for youngsters
  • End of forced work, slavery and child labour
  • Protection and defense of workers rights, paying a special attention to security at work
  • Initiatives and policies of promotion of sustainability of tourism and the defense of local culture as ways of creating jobs
  • Global access to banking, financial and insurance services
Dozens of workers in an office full of computers.
Decent work as a boost for economic growth. In the picture, people working in an office.

New Tandem supports the consecution of SDG 8

Among our 10 measures to contribute with the Sustainable Development Goals, there are two that, apart of being key in any work environment, are a reference to support the SDG 8 objectives.

Promoting fair labor conditions, in safe and healthy environments, for every worker of New Tandem; and defending gender equality, favoring the hiring of female talent to reduce the existing gap. These are two main points of our company. We search for progress and understand that the social and the economic ones must go together.


What is SDG 8 after?

SDG 8 searches for the promotion of decent work and economic growth, as two realities that must happen at the same time to achieve the progress of societies.

What is the main goal of SDG 8?

SDG looks for the economic growth in the whole planet. It has to be sustained, inclusive and sustainable.

How many SDGs are there?

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They aim to reduce inequalities and fight against climate change. They were set in 2015 and must be accomplished, according to what countries signed, before 2030.

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