The digital professions with the largest demand in Spain


The digitalization of the labor market is an unstoppable reality. Increasingly, more companies demand technological profiles; other organizations are digital already since their birth, so they completely depend on these profiles. That’s how professions that a decade ago didn’t exist are now part of the present and future of work. Both in our country and the rest of the world.

In this article, we will tell you which jobs in the digital field are the most demanded by companies in Spain. If you’re thinking of making a twist in your career, or you haven’t decided yet what path you are going to take to start it -and you want to make sure there will be jobs for you-, you might find some of the best answers to your questions in here.

Digitalization, an objective for the European Union

One of the keys to foresee a relevant growth of the IT sector in our country and surrounding countries is the firm intent of the EU to invest in digitalization. Apart from the jobs creation it will bring in the next few years, the idea of a ‘digital Europe’ will mean -according to Brussels- a reinforcement of EU’s competitiveness on a global scale. While also strengthening its economic base, assuring its digital sovereignty and improving its citizens’ lives.

All of it while taking the first steps towards an ecologic transition we all need; the waste management services or the development of energetic efficiency will allow a more sustainable use of our resources.

The jobs with the most present and future employment

In this context, European investment will allow the even faster acceleration of the demand for some digital professions. Most of them present very low rates of unemployment.

One of the positions that companies demand the most are the Software Developer ones. People that create resources for computers to be able to handle the operative systems so programs and applications can work correctly. The verification that those softwares don’t present mistakes and are easy to use is conducted by QA Testers.

There are also numerous offers for ICTs Technical Professionals. These people design and maintain systems for storage, processing and shipment of information.

The organization and development of digital projects, as well as the management of hardware, users or security are some of the most needed tasks. Thus, jobs as Digital Project Manager or Systems Administrator, respectively, are also gaining relevance.

Other digital professions that companies are requesting are those related with phone applications and websites. In this context, Fullstack Developers are already really important, since they manage every detail of their creation and maintenance. Also Frontend Developers, in charge of the visual part of those websites and apps. Or Backend Developers, that guarantee the correct execution of actions that users make in the websites.

How to find the correct candidates for these profiles

Technological acceleration is so fast that, for many companies, it can be really hard to know how and, especially, where, to find the ideal candidates to fulfill the tasks the market is asking for nowadays.

Having the support and experience of a Human Resources partner -that knows and understands exactly what you are looking for- will save time and money for your company. New Tandem is specialized in IT recruitment (among other sectors). We work with important companies, both on a national and international scale; and we provide for them the perfect candidates for the profiles mentioned before in this post.

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