What is the RPO method in recruiting?


The high competition between companies is one of the engines for them when it comes to optimizing their resources. Because of that, achieving objectives in your business can be difficult due to all the complicated tasks; those that generate costs and require the time you don’t always have. Of course, recruitment processes might become something hard to bear with. Outsourcing those processes is a great help. In this post, we tell you how the RPO method -Recruitment Process Outsourcing- can be the best solution you need to hire employees.

What does RPO involve?

The RPO method is the partial or complete outsourcing of the internal recruiting functions in a company. Those functions are assumed by another company, specialist in Human Resources, which assumes from that point on the actions that a recruitment department would normally do.

The specialist recruiting company becomes the “leader” and manages the integral direction of the recruitment and headhunting. For the time that the contract is on, the HR company acts as an extension of the other business.

Why do I need the RPO method and how to choose?

Whether you are looking to hire a few employees or you need to restructure the whole team, the task might become just so big for you. You probably believe that efficiency is crucial for your business, and you want to save time and money.

That is where the RPO method can become the solution you need. A strategy of headhunting and recruitment that gives you the professionals and the quality that you need. In an easy, fast way and saving time to focus on your key goals.

Choosing a good partner to carry the RPO out is an important task. Some of the questions you want to ask before hiring a company are the following:

  • What is their degree of specialization? Some recruitment companies want to work with all the sectors. Nevertheless, the warranties that a company specialized in your sector offer will let you sleep in peace, knowing you are in good hands. When the time comes to search for candidates, they will know exactly which questions to ask and how to find out if they are apt for your business. Specialization is key.
  • Do they innovate? In a market that is changing continuously, renewing yourself is mandatory. Looking for new ways to optimize resources and seize technology to achieve the best results, sets the difference. Is your potential RPO partner a 2023 business… or does it seem more like a 1980’s one?
  • Does it have experience as a RPO? Assuming partial or totally the headhunting and recruiting tasks of your company is a big responsibility. The provable experience of a Human Resources consulting firm is a warranty of success.
  • Do they offer an integral solution of selection? Companies like New Tandem SIM carry out all of the tasks involving the process. From the design with your company of a strategic plan, to the hiring, the training, the onboarding of employees, the performance evaluation or the creation of analytics that allow to improve the recruiting strategy.
The metrics and statistics about success, satisfaction or time spent on the recruits, at your service with the RPO method.

Differences between RPO method and traditional hiring

The traditional hiring method presents some differences in comparison with the RPO model. The most important one is the approach given to the selection. While covering specific posts was more traditionally typical (and the solutions were more specific and immediate, think of each vacant), the RPO method is more focused to the medium and long term.

The strategic approach of RPO offers you a global service of Human Resources. You can benefit from the exclusivity of one or two people working specifically for your company… Something that is not common outside of the RPO method.

Also, this kind of service is normally more complete and advanced than the traditional one. With a RPO, you have access to a complete pool of candidates, offered and renewed constantly by the consulting firm. You can also act before the market changes, due to the study of tendencies and analytics measuring the degree of satisfaction of candidates and employers, or the success of the implemented strategy. Besides, you can count on a diversification in the search for the talent, that guarantees that you find the ideal employees for your business.

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