7 websites to learn programming from scratch and for free


The opportunities of obtaining information in the digital era are almost infinite. We can have access to the fact we need to know in a matter of seconds, something inconceivable some decades ago. In the last few years, the offer of online formation has grown exponentially. The free courses we can enjoy online are numerous and the topics they relate to are vast. In this post we want to focus in some of the websites where you will be able to learn programming for free, even if you have zero previous knowledge.

One of the abilities of the future, already demanded in many companies, is programming. This hard skill will capacitate you -or improve your capacity- to carry out some of the digital professions with more employability and less unemployment in Spain and the rest of the world.

Where can I learn computer programming?

These 7 websites will allow you to learn programming in a free way, in diverse script languages and with different levels, according to your previous formation:

  • BitDegree. From website programming to virtual games development, BitDegree offers a vast variety of languages for you to learn programming, like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript… The singularity of this website is that they use gamification as a learning technique. Through the reach of objectives, the mechanic of games is implemented in the educative and professional field. That way, learning how to code becomes very similar to a game where you achieve goals.
  • Code Academy. More than 25 million users have learnt how to program in this website. They offer ensured quality in their courses. There are millions of hours of free content in Code Academy so you can become an expert programmer.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare. This website emerges from one of the technological universities with more prestige and fame in the world. In here, you will fin hundreds of courses of undergraduate and postgraduate studies imparted at the MIT. You can therefore get an MIT education wherever you are. And learn programming with the security that you are getting the information from an institution with the best tech teachers.
  • Hackr.io. Choose your language and your starting level. Then, let yourself be guided by Hackr.io as they structure your learning in a logical way. In this website’s blog you will find tips and keys related to programming which will be very useful in your learning process.
  • Coursera. One of the biggest platforms in terms of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), both in terms of quantity and quality. Some of the most reputed universities offer free formation in Coursera. You can learn different languages (HTML, SQL, Python…) and you will only have to pay if you want to obtain the certification of the course you are carrying out.
  • Codewars. Another websites that suggests learning as a challenge. In this case, they are based in martial arts. Every time you overcome a programming problem, you can compare it with other ways to solve it. There is not only one way.
  • edX. Besides the usual languages, this portal offers you the possibility of developing mobile apps. In edX you can receive the best superior formation in open source. C++, C#, Java, CSS… And many other languages, with courses imparted by Harvard or the MIT among other institutions.

Many current abilities, as well as many jobs, will be partially or completely automatized within some years. Nonetheless, programming doesn’t seem, according to experts, one of them. Because the human factor -as in many other professions- plays a crucial role. Programming needs reflection, strategy and problem solving that comes from thinking. Critical and emotional thinking, one that AI is incapable of successfully conduct.

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