World Blood Donor Day – June 14, 2021

world blood donor day

Since 2005, June 14 is officially a day dedicated to altruism. The altruism of those who decide to do their bit and save millions of lives every year. Commemorating Karl Landsteiner‘s birth, an Austrian pathologist who discovered blood groups (A, B and 0), the World Blood Donor Day was designated 16 years ago; as a tribute to the person behind of a crucial finding which led him to win the Medicine Nobel Prize in 1930.

This date is official as a decision of the World Health Assembly, the biggest decision-making body of the WHO. Each year, the World Blood Donor day takes place in a different country, that hosts diverse events related with it and develops that year’s campaign. The main objective is to promote global access to safe blood. Nowadays, many countries don’t have still the necessary infrastructure; for this reason, and also due to donor’s safety being key, this date is still one for reclaiming more people to donate.

Giving blood is giving life

Voluntary and not paid donations are the biggest supply of blood reserves worldwide. As a consequence, each June 14 is a day to urge governments and health authorities; so they take the necessary measures for donations to be safe and simple. The consequence of this is a better quality in blood reserves and the possibility of them beong available in every corner of the world.

Some of the vital reasons why blood donations are so necessary are the following: they can prolong the life (and its quality) of people suffering lethal diseases; they make complex surgical interventions possible; or, if a birthing gets becomes complicated, having blood reserves is also crucial.

“Give blood and keep the world beating”

In 2021‘s edition, Rome has organized, telematically, the events related with this World Blood Donor Day. With the motto “Give blood and keep the world beating“, this year’s edition has focused on youth. Due to their idealism, enthusiasm and creativity, but also because of their capacity to inspire each other; young people have the chance to lead social and altruistic causes as blood donation.

On the other hand, June 14 is a day to thank every person that, periodically or punctually, decides to donate. And also of awareness, especially in developing countries, where access to blood is uneasy and not safe enough for both donors and recipients.

New Tandem, committed with the importance of donating blood

As a part of our contributions to SDGs marked by the Agenda 2030, and above all due to personal and collective responsibility towards society, at New Tandem we promote the donation of our employees.

We believe that generous and useful actions like this one must be, at least, facilitated by companies. In our case, employees can take time of their workday when the donation bus is near the office. That way they can give a bit of blood in which many lives depend.

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