New Tandem Tips: Power Up Your Soft Skills


Learn about the list of skills that are positively valued in job interviews

When we talk about the ‘Sof Skills’ we mean traits, characteristics and personal competencies that an individual has when it comes to relating to others.

  Communication, empathy, organization or time management, facilitation to learn new things, creativity, independence at work… are all those skills that are not learned, non-cognitive skills that are acquired over the years and experience.

These skills are increasingly valued by companies and can make a big difference in a job interview.

How to prepare our ‘soft skills’ for a job interview?

The first thing we need to do is identify what your skills are. Those that you have the most enhanced can make us stand out in the interview.

Write down a list of social or interpersonal skills you think you have. Identify which ones may be relevant to the job you’re interviewing for and write them in your cover letter.

How to reflect our ‘soft skills’ in a job interview?

Once identified, the next step will be to communicate them. To do this, the interviewer will ask you different questions about this type of skills and evaluate them according to initiative, honesty and communication skills.

Initiative and improvisation skills are often one of the ways interviewers use to assess resolution capacity. They may ask you to set examples or tell anecdotes from past experiences that demonstrate these skills.

Honesty in assuming what our strengths and weaknesses are at work is highly valued. Talk about how past experiences have helped you grow but without regretting or speaking negatively.

Communicative skills such as eloquence, a varied lexicon, proper nonverbal language and active listening are very important. Also take care of clothing, body posture, punctuality, eye contact or distraction with other elements during the interview.

How to improve ‘soft skills’?

Regardless of the outcome of the selection process, it is important to continue polishing these skills. Doing creative activities or asking interviewers for feedback are very useful tools that can help us keep growing.  

At New Tandem we have created a list of competencies that we value very positively in the selection processes:

  • • Flexibility
  • • Adaptation to the current scenario
  • • Autonomy with telework
  • • Organization
  • • Problem solving
  • • Self control
  • • Assertiveness
  • • Achievement orientation
  • • Commitment

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