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Online courses are a useful tool, adapted to the circumstances derived from COVID, to get formation and acquire knowledge about diverse topics without getting out from home. Different projects have made these resources accesible for everybody, so they can learn easily and according to the rhythm and needs of each user.

In the last years, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have turned into a comfortable, intuitive and free alternative to face-to-face formation. And, since the outburst of the pandemic, the number of users learning with these online courses has multiplied.

In this post, we want to tell you about three of the most prestigious platforms within this field. That way, you will be able to increase your knowledge, and, in many cases, receive diplomas and other recognitions that certify your learning. All of it is just some clicks apart.

The best online free courses platforms

  • Miríadax. This platform, created by Telefónica Educación Digital in 2013, is directed to Spanish and Portuguese speakers around the globe. More than 7 million people have already seized the content shared by more than 100 educative partners. Among them, several Hispanic and Portuguese universities. Miríadax offers a vast spectrum of courses divided in more than 20 categories (like Art, Tech Science or Communication).
  • Coursera. With more than 200 university partners, this platform, born in 2012, has offered learning resources to more than 76 million people across the world. Among this partners, we find prestigious universities like Stanford, Duke or Michigan. At Coursera, we can freely learn about topics as diverse as Machine Learning, Game Theory or Child Nutrition.
  • Google Digital Garage. The tech giant also provides a MOOC platform, and one of the most used. It’s very intuitive and it offers 35 courses in Spanish at the moment. In this case, Google focuses on three main areas: Digital Marketing, Professional Development and Data-Technology. Although offering less courses, there are also free webinars, and very useful resources for this moment, like tools and advice to work remotely.

So, if this Christmas you are looking for new challenges and you want to learn comfortably without moving from your house, you have at your disposal almost infinite knowledge in a free, accesible way. If you want to, you can learn more training advice in our website. Merry Christmas!

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