How to prepare your pre remote working routine

pre remote working routine

Many of the workers that had never experimented remote working are becoming experts after the chaotic 2020 we have luckily left behind. Nonetheless, we are still rookies when it comes to remote working and we can fall into avoidable mistakes, as not establishing a pre remote working routine.

Several details we don’t pay attention to might actually be important. We are not here to deny how tempting is to wake up ten minutes before starting our job… But it’s not a great idea. It’s recommendable to have a pre remote working routine in mind and follow it thoroughly.

We give you some advice to begin your day before starting to work. So your productivity and mood remain in an optimal level while you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

Get up earlier

It’s not necessary to get up at the same time as if you were going to your office. But getting out of bed and directly starting to work is not necessary either. Getting a shower, reading the newspaper, or maybe listening to the radio before getting a good breakfast or doing some exercise are recommendable activities before starting to work. It will leave us less stressed and more awake.

It’s also a good way of telling our brain our workday is about to start. Especially if the activities we carry out are the ones we used to do when we were going to the office. In summary, do the same things you would do if you had to leave your house. And if you have time, you could even do a new one.

Forget about pyjamas

One of the first things we all probably thought about when we started remote working was the possibility of working with our pyjamas on. But the fact that nobody can tell you anything about it doesn’t mean is a good idea. Dressing up or just changing clothes can help our minds differentiate between our personal and profesional life.

Actually, a study carried out by Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, along with University of Technology of Sydney and University of Sydney, stated a 59% of people remote working wit their pyjamas on had felt a decrease in their mental health, while only a 26% of those who worked without pyjamas had felt the same way.

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