The keys to choose and adapt our workspace at home


The year 2020, that we just left behind, has been one of the most strange and u nexpected for everybody. The pandemic and the quarantine, two concepts that we didn’t believe were close, have been the most used words in a year that has changed many things. And that have taught us many others.

Remote work, a new reality

One of the novelties in the work field that we didn’t conceive a year ago is remote work. Either partial or totally, working at home is a practice that has quickly passed from being minoritary to be vastly expanded.

Besides making a better family concilliation possible and giving more personal and free time to employees, there are many benefits for our environment. Not having to move to the offices means a decrease in the pollution level of our cities, acoustic and environmentally.

The importance of choosing a good workspace

If we have to develop our job at home, one of the keys is to properly adapt our workspace. Think that it’s a place where you are going to spend several hours a day, so it should be adapted to your needs.

Some of the details you need to have in mind are the following:

  • Choose the perfect place… for you. There is no magic recipe for everybody. You might prefer a silent place or one where you can listen to music or other sounds; maybe you are more comfortable in the kitchen, the living room or your room… The only important thing is for you to feel at ease in the place you choose.
  • Search for a wide space with daylight. The ideal situation would be to use a big desk where you can have everything you might need nearby. Your computer, pens and notebooks, maybe a landline… It’s also good to look for a place where there is some daylight, as it will contribute to our productivity and well being, and we will be more conscious of the passing of time.
  • Make your workspace a pleasant space. Putting a plant, a picture with friends or family, or a calendar, can help you feel in a more enjoyable and personal space while you are working.
  • Take care of your health. It’s important to have a comfortable chair, with a backrest that allows us to have a straight back. Details like having some water available or setting our screen at the height of our eyes are also recommendable.
  • If you can, separate your workspace from the rest of your house. Setting some kind of physical barrier, whether it is a door, a shelve or any other object that makes of our workspace an isolated area, is also important. Since it will help us differentiate the rest of our home from the place where we work in.

Having in mind all of these recommendations will make of our workspace at home a space adapted to our needs and where we will be able to carry out our duties in a comfortable, productive way. In 2020 we had to learn by trial and error to work remotely. But 2021 is a year to make of our homes places as ideal to work as our offices.

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