World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions

reduction of co2 emissions

Every 28th of January is a new World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. A day to have more in mind than ever the importance of taking care of our planet.

Climate change, a global problem

CO2 emissions are one of the main causes for climate change, which is producing consequences in almost every part of the Earth. This date wants to raise awareness across the world, especially between governors, about the impact that drastic changes in our climate mean for our planet.

Because this is a global problem. Thus, legislating internationally in favor of sustainable laws that help to reduce the gases that cause greenhouse effect is crucial. Through the development of renewable energies (wind, solar, hydraulic…), less polluted fuels or habits that reduce the current consumption tendencies, it will be possible to keep seeing the slightly hopeful data of 2020.

The pandemic, key for CO2 reduction in 2020

We had to wait for a pandemic to see the environmental fate of our planet change its worrying tendency. The consequences of staying at home, remote working or the reduction of social life have triggered the largest reduction of CO2 emissions since we have data.

Last year, measurements indicated an insufficient yet positive 7% decrease in metric tons of CO2 in our atmosphere. Exactly 2 and a half less than expected.

Climate change has no borders. Its consequences will and are already affecting the whole world’s population. This is why individual and collective responsibilities are the only ways to reduce its effects. At New Tandem, we are committed with sustainability. We have already implemented measures towards it. Eliminating one-use plastics from our offices, promoting energetic saving or implementing the reduction in the consumption of paper or recycling the waste we produce. Little gestures to help reach the objectives marked by Agenda 2030.

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